Comments on 1st Meeting


Groups at the visit to the townhall

This post is especially for making comments on our 1st meeting in Vouziers.

Wether you are a student, parent, teacher or were otherwise involved (or not), tell us your opinion or even write a short story from your point of view. We want to know it all, so just click on the headline and start writing.

If it is absolutely not possible to write in English, use your native language.


  • I miss u all :( ,I hope we see us all next year again..
    I had great times with you :D

  • Dear Comenius-Team in Vouziers,
    thank you, merci beaucoup, muchas gracias vielen Dank, for a marvelous meeting
    C’était franchement merveilleux

  • It was an amazing week with you !
    I miss you all..

  • this week will remain in my memory all my life!
    I love you my friends!

  • This has been an unforgettable experience for all of us (pupils and teachers), We have learnt a lot , we have met very interesting people , we have felt at home. Thank you very much to all the Comenius participants especially to the French team It was a very hard job for you , thanks Raoul, Marjorie,Ludivine and super Gigi .Merci beaucoup.

  • Hello everybody!
    These week was unforgetable! It was a multicultural exchange. We learn so much from each others.
    And it looks like the pupils really enjoy this meeting. And this is the most important point. Everybody thanks the french team but for my part i want to say thank you to all the pupills in the project! And their teachers of course :-)
    I hope to see you again in next meeting…

  • Our pupils -and our two teachers- are very happy with the exhausting and challenging experience… And ready to work hard…

  • Well done, everyone! It promises to be an excellent project. Looking forward to seeing you all in Bodmin!

  • I thought it was a good experience to meet new people and make new friends. I am looking forward to seeing people again when they come to England!

    • I agree with you on that one tom! it was a great opportunity to meet new people… :P

  • It was good to meet new people.
    I miss you all ♥

  • It was very nice to meet new people
    and I’m already seeing all again .

  • It was a very good time and i miss you all <3

  • Hey Guys ♥
    I miss you….
    It was very nice in France,
    because it was nice to meet all the people.

  • it was cool to meet new people :)

  • I found the meeting very nice and you could meet new people

  • The meeting was very good … comenius
    It’s great to have found new friends and hope I see her again!!

  • I liked this week with you, it was verry amazing !

  • I miss you guys ! :)

  • i love comenius

  • I miss you… <3 :(
    It was very nice to meet new people and new friends. :D

  • It’s so amazing. I miss you all and I want to see you all. ): ♥.

  • this week was fantastic and it was very funny
    i miss you all <3

  • it was very funny

  • Coménius is great !!!!!!
    I miss you everyone !!!!! =) =) =) <3 <3

  • It’s great !!
    I like this project !!!! :)
    Bye !! <3

  • I miss you :( this week was very good and I met very nice people. :)
    That was a very good experience.

    See you next meeting.

  • Comenius is a project very very very very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love comenius !!!!!!!!!

  • It was amazing.I liked this week.

  • A fantastic week, thanks to all, students in Bodmin are already planning your return visit, looking forward to see you in our internet lessons too!

  • Comenius project is very good (:
    because you can meet new people .

    I love Comenius and i miss you all . <3
    It was very nice with you.
    I had a lot of fun.
    I love you :D

  • The project is very nice :)
    Because i have meet new people .
    It was amazing :)

  • This project is very very cool because i meet a new people
    I miss you everyone

  • Comenius project is vey good because we can speak with your englis,germans and spanishs friends

  • I liked this week with you <3
    Ilove coménius ! (:

  • The project is very Nice :D
    Is very very very good
    I miss you :(

  • I l♥ve COMENUIS ! Because I have meet people !!! I loved this week with y♥u !!!

  • Comenius projet is very nice !!!! =D
    Because I have meet new people <3
    I love you ^^ <3

  • comenius is very very good :)
    i miss everyone :) =) :P

  • I hope see you again. :D