11 Nov
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Friday, 21th October by Charlyn

At first on friday we went to the school and ran with the others around it. Every person had to spend 1,oo € for planting new trees at the school.

After that we did the Flashmob, we had learned on Monday to dance to “Aux arbres citoyens” by Yannik Noah. That was very cool, because the whole school danced with us.

Than we all made a tree by holding our hands. The other stundens of the school were the leaves and branches. For this day the fire department from Vouziers came to the school to shot pictures from above.

Than unfortunately, we shot a last picture from us and the Spanish delegation and than they had to go.  :(

After that the German and the English delegation went to the sports hall to play handball with the others.

Than we went back to the boys boarding school to prepare for the party :)

On the evening the French delegation came to the boys  boarding school and we had a great big party, but at 23.00 the party ended and we must bid farewell the French students :(


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