11 Nov
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Monday, 17th October by Charlyn

On monday the German and the English delegation went from the boarding school to the college. There the students that arrived were welcomed and learned to know each others with a work sheet, which all had to read. From 10.00 to 12.00 the French students showed their school, but we hade some communication problems first. Than we all practised the flashmob (in the gym) we wanted to dance on friday. That was very funny :D.

At 14.00 we build three groups,  one group wrote a ,,WeCAN” song another group planned actions for the evening on friday and the last group developed the climatic quizz for this website.

At 19.00 the Spanish delegtions arrived and all the students who came on Sunday showed the Spanish students their rooms. At the evening almost all students met the others in the first floor and talked with each other. After this day we all were so tired and fell into our beds. :)


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