13 Mar
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About the Eden Projekt

by Tom Finch (UK), Kieran Putt (UK).

We left for Eden project at 11:30. It was a short journey day around  Eden project. When we arrived we were put into little groups. We were given a sheet in our group. They had questions on them and the answers were scattered around the project. First we went to the rainforest biome which had big plants that could only grow in a hot and huminial enviroment like the biome. After we were finished in the rainforest biome.

It was much cooler in the medittarainium biome. In the medittarainium biome there were also many fiffrent plants such as olive tree. We also stopped at the cafe there and some of us bought some food to eat. After that we went over outside and looked around some of the exhibits they had there. We then sat down and ate our packed-lunches. As soon as we finished eating we went over to the building called the nest. Inside the Nest there was the seed. Finally, we went up left and crossed a bridge, high up above the Eden Project. We then went to the buses and renturend to Bodmin College.


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