15 Mar
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A Wondefull Day in Plymouth

by Jennifer (D).

On Tuesday afternoon we went to Plymouth University to talk to an polar explorer about the climate change. In the begining he told us about his own polar exlorence. It was realy interesting to hear the oppertunity of someone who realy seen the differents and how the climate changed. We made some experiments and leraned a lot of new things. The people at the univerity were realy friendliy. When the fire alarm rings all people went off the building. After a little time of waiting we went back insinde, we finished our experiments and did a quiz to see what we leraned.

After we left the university we went on a walk through the city to the harbour auf Plymouth. It was a beautifull view and we took a lot of photos. We went in little groups to some souvenir shops and went to an postoffice to buy some postcards. In the afternoon we met the others at our meeting point to eat some fisch & ships together.



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