15 Mar
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The University of Plymouth

by Desi (ES) & Iomara (ES).

Yesterday in the afternoon we went by bus to the university of Plymouth. We had to climb seven floor. When we arrived the sevenths floor we meet a man who travel to Antartic. This man talked about his expirience later we did four diffrent workshops. But in the middle of one Workeshop the fir alarm rang and we ran the seven floor again time. Whe we saw it were nothing we had upstaires. We finished that about 4 or 5 at afternoon. There the wather was so cold and windy. The people were nice and sociable too . Later we went to town. We took a lot of photos. We went to eat fish and chips. The food was delicious and so nice. After all the people fineshed eating we went to the bus back.

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