20 Apr
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Anonymous Student’s Article

Today first thing us English students did a tour of the school. It took about an hour and I think it was a good introduction to the school. However I think they were quite overwhelmed from the size of the school. I didn’t go to Eden in the afternoon although some did.

The group was split into half today, half blooged about yesterday, the other half did an art workshop. I helped with the art. The plan was to make a pledge card saying what we plan to do to stop climate change. Glitter was everywhere, it was fun to get creative and think about how we can stop climate change. It was a good workshop, aptly followed by a dance and drama workshop.
In the dance we learnt a little routine first of all which induded some awkward roling on the floor which made everyone laugh. The drama section was based around the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan we created still images of the people watching, and how we think they would feel, and thes we created on our choice and then linked everything together in the form of dance. It got really hot in the drama room with all of us, but I still think the spanish delegation found it cold.

This is the day we went to Plymouth. The day I was most looking forward too. We went to the university to do activities with a Polar Expolerer. We were split into groups : Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. I was in the yellow group. We did activities to do with the Northern lights : an experiment to find out what material keeps us warmest in the Arctic : and the forces which act most in the


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