25 May

Comments on 2nd Meeting

This post is especially for making comments on our 2nd meeting in Bodmin.

Wether you are a student, parent, teacher or were otherwise involved (or not), tell us your opinion or even write a short story from your point of view. We want to know it all, so just click on the headline and start writing.

If it is absolutely not possible to write in English, use your native language.


  • Nice picture.

  • I also think

  • I have heard that the final dance was the best of the tour

    • I have heard the second meeting and the first meeting was very funny and the ride there was long and boring. But in the end are shed tears. I try to come along next year, but i can not promise aything.

  • I was in England and the time was great. I saw many new things on Bodmin and England like the Stonehenge. I know now more guys from other countries. I liked the tour to the “Eden Project” and “Plymoth”. I enjod the time and I hope that I can come to the next trip.

  • though I was not with however I have heard from jan that it was really amusing and get never dull

  • I hope you had a great time in England. I heard you had fun.

  • I hope you had a lot of fun in england ;-)

  • I heard that the england tour was very interesting and funny. Charlyn told about the song and that she enjoyed to sing it . :)

  • From 10 to 18th of March we was in England.
    It was very cool but the traval from Germany thrugh Fance and from France to England was very aduous, ’cause we sit 16 hours (or more) in the bus.
    I think, the best of this tour to England was that we can see the other stundents of the projekt again and that we singed a song about the global warming. Also cool was the trip to the Eden Projekt. It was very hot there, but it was also beatiful and very funny. I was surprised from the big school and that the school have 1.500 students. The school have a very nice dance and drama studio. I’m very sad that we don’t see the English people (we learned to know) again, but I’m happy to see the other English students, the France- and the Spainish students this year, here in Germany.

  • So what I’ve heard from the people who were there, it was funny and beautiful.
    It has been a successful journey rich.

  • from school-friends(classmates) I have got it was probably very amusing

  • i think it was a good trip. :)

  • I will never forget the time in Bodmin.
    It was just unbelievable.It was funny, we laughed a lot and I’m glad to have met you all.(:

  • I think it was a good week in England and I have also found new friends.
    For example, in school, I then also participated in the math lessons and after that was the break and I played football with my new friends. After school I went with my new friend Luke walked at home with him and we were still hunting for the evening and then I eat chicken with him, it was very tasty.

  • The photos looking realy great.

  • I heard that the England journey was very funny and I hope that has helped the climade.

  • I’ve heard that the journey of Saskia to england was funny and she has been
    looking forward to seeing you all again. :)

  • I’ve heard that it was great in Bodmin and you all had a lot of fun.

  • I’ve heard from saskia that it was beautiful in Bodmin. :D