22 Oct
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Visit to Bad Bederkesa, by Ellen

Last week I went to Germany as part of the Comenius project. It was great as I got to experience the culture and food from a completely different country! I really enjoyed the activities we did during the days and I had a lot of fun during the evening when I was with my host family! One of my favourite parts of the trip was the party on Friday evening as everyone got together and really had a great time. What I did not like was having to get up so early in the mornings!!!!! We went to the Klimahaus which was an amazing experience! There was so much to see, whilst we were there we tried a typical german food! It was currywurst and although I had never had it before, I liked it!

I really enjoyed the time in the pool, where we had to do cannonballs in to the water as a certain amount of cannonballs equalled 1 tree! This was good as the main reason of our coming over to germany was to promote climate change and the environment in Europe! We were in the pool for four hours so I was glad to get out after that! We had to cannonball in sessions, so in between them we went on the diving board! I jumped off but didn‘t run and jump as some of the people were doing! In one of the sessions we managed to do 150 cannonballs which i find very good as there weren‘t that many of us in the same space! By the end of the session we had been in for almost 4 hours! After lunch we went to the school to start to organise our performance of the climate song, so it was a very productive day!

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