22 Oct
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Visit to Bad Bederkesa, by Elynor

During the end week of September we were involved in the Comenius project meeting in Bad Bederkesa. There were various trips that had environmental focuses to places such as the biogas plant, the mill and the swimming pool.

On Tuesday we visited the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven. ‘The journey’ was amazing especially the frozen areas and the star tunnel. It showed the different climates around the 8th degree longitude line.

We then had a chance to explore Bremerhaven and visited the Italian shopping centre and the shopping centre over the bridge. I loved the ice-cream bars because the ice-cream was great and very cheap.

I really enjoyed the trip because it was really interesting to see the differences between our cultures. We also learnt a lot about climate change and the ways that Germany are trying to help the environment.

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