22 Oct
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Visit to Bad Bederkesa, by Hannah

On the first day in Germany we went to the schools with the students we stayed with and had a tour around the school as well. The school was quite small but had an underground hospital, which was good. Later on we watched a musical performed by the students in the German school.

On Tuesday we went to the Klimahouse which was like a bigger and better Eden project, it had different rooms to represent different countries and had the different temperatures to match each room as well. After the Klimahouse we looked at the shops around the area which was good as they had quite a few.

On Wednesday we went swimming in the morning, we had to jump in, and then we practised the climate song in the afternoon. You could either do dancing, singing or play an instrument.

On Thursday we practised the song again.

On Friday we went to the bio plant station, rehearsed the song again, performed it later on for the host families and had a farewell party in the evening.

The host family I stayed with were really nice and I’m glad I went.

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