10 Apr
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Design Description of a Solar Oven

1. Material:

  • 2 x large cardboard boxes
  • 1 x small cardboard box
  • newspaper
  • loo rolls
  • aluminium foil
  • hot glue
  • some screws
  • a piece of glass or perspex
  • adhesive tape
  • black heat-resistant colour
  • wrapping paper or various colours

2. Shopping list:

  • aluminium foil
  • wrapping paper
  • black heat-resistant colour
  • a piece of glass or perspex
  • adhesive tape

3. Construction Manual:

  • Stick loo rolls with hot glue on the bottom of the first large cardboard box and fill it with newspaper.



  • Put the small cardboard box into the large one (with opening upwards)


  • Fill and stick newspaper in the space between the big and the small cardboard box.



  • Fold the box lid of the big cardboard box into the small one.
  • From the second big cardboard box a sash is built, which will provide with a hole in the size of the small cardboard box.


  • Stick the piece of glass or perspex to the inside of the sash.


  •  Paint the interior of the oven black.
  • Prepare from the second box a cardboard panel with the measure of the lid.


  • Stick it from one side (the inside) with aluminium foil.
  • Connect panel and lid with adhesive tape.
  • Build from the rest of the second large cardboard box two pillars.


  • Screw or stick the pillars with hot glue.
  • Stick the wrapping paper to the solar oven or paint it with various colours.


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