Comments on 4th Meeting

Photograph of the Comenius Group in Telde

This post is especially for making comments on our 4th meeting in Telde.

Wether you are a student, parent, teacher or were otherwise involved (or not), tell us your opinion or even write a short story from your point of view. We want to know it all, so just click on the headline and start writing.

If it is absolutely not possible to write in English, use your native language.


  • The meeting in Telde was wonderful, stunning, amazing and incredible ! We already miss you all so much. You were and you are lovely, we had a good laugh together.
    By the way, we hope we’ll get back together soon.

    We love you guys. x

  • Definitely Comenius project is the most interesting experience for our pupils.It has made me possible to see one of my shyest pupils (unable to pronounce a complete sentence in english in an everyday lesson) speaking for hours with his Comenius friends . When I see all our comenius students working together I feel very optimistic about our future, Europe is possible.
    It has been a real pleasure for us to share with you the beauty and warmth of our island.
    We will miss you.
    Toni Villegas

  • This experience has been unforgettable, the only, and I hope that we could repeat

  • This experience has been good, but I didn’t be with them much time.

  • It was a great experience. Would repeat it a million times more for the simple fact that they are all great people and learned a lot. I look forward to seeing you again, a big kiss from Gran Canaria.

  • I’m sure that this Comenius project is the best form to learn. This meeting was really amazing for us , in my opinion this project it’s so interesting and I want to stay in this project a lot of time more !! I will mis you people I want to see you again . Kiises!
    Vivian Sánchez

  • it was our best experience, you are a good and lovely people. We miss you and we wish that you come back again.

    We love you: TAMARA and AROHA

  • I liked the project so much, and I enjoyed a lot. I hope to see the others comenius friends again. We miss you a lot.

  • I really enjoyed this experience because it not for our teachers we had not met people from other countries.
    I thank the teachers who have participated for giving us this special opportunity.

  • We had so much fun with you guys and was an awesome experience. The trip in France was amazing and unique and the trip in Germany was incredible because was a new experience for us and when you came here was amazing, hope that you guys had fun.

    We hope to see you guys again here in Canary Islands.

    We miss you so much comenius friends!

  • I liked the experience because we’ve met people from other countries and have made good friends

  • I liked it this activities because the boys and girls are very friendly , When we went to Roque Nublo and Garañon , I speak too much with the people comenius . Faustine is a very good person , I like very much Rory , Tashi and Cameron , I miss you boys !!!!!!!
    Bay bay 1kssssss

  • Very good experience! I would repeat it and I hope see all of you again
    I love you chochetes!

  • Hello , we think the project is a good idea and we like to do this project in other time again. Our comenius friends was very friendly and very interesting people.

  • I have to say thanks to all teachers (antonio, mario, andreas, guido…) for do possible this proyect and all comenius for come here. I won´t forget this experience in my life.

  • I hope that this proyect can continue a lot of years more.

  • This was the first time I took part in the Comenius Project, and I hope not the last. It was a wonderful week meeting people and speaking with them. We had very funny moments and I had made lots of friends. I hope, we could go on with this fantastic project in the following years. Thanks to Villegas and Mario, who made possible spent with you this week. Future Visions Comenius!! :D